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Evidence Recorder 9 Released
« on: September 19, 2012, 05:07:01 PM »
PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate release

WEST KELOWNA, British Columbia – March, 2012

MapScenes Systems, the leading developer of accident scene mapping and reconstruction software, announces the release of Evidence Recorder 9. Evidence Recorder is the world’s best-selling evidence collection software built specifically for the professional reconstructionist.

Evidence Recorder, which uses Windows Mobile / CE devices such as the Archer or Allegro data collector, or ruggedized tablet devices such as the Algiz 7 or Mesa, provides optimal graphical user interface. This means the user can visually verify ongoing field evidence collection – on-the-spot since points and line work is displayed on-screen as they are shot. So, no more missed points! Just tap and shoot for fast and easy collection of measurement data.  Then, data collected can be seamlessly integrated into your desktop mapping software (e.g. MapScenes Forensic CAD).
The goals for this version were to increase efficiency and to add more tools for customers who don't always have access to a total station. Here are just a few of the improvements we’ve added:

•   We now allow you to create your own coordinate systems or edit an existing one.
•   You can also save a short list of your most commonly used coordinate systems for fast coordinate system selection.
•   We’ve improved Staking:  EVR9 will search for the next nearest point and present it as the point to stake next
•   We made the Exceeded Tolerance warning message a lot more visible to prevent bad points from being stored
•   We changed the “Point Staked” icon in the points database to be a green check mark
•   We added a new ASCII export format called GD-1, a GNSS NMEA driver to support GNSS hand-held units
•   We added ability for Altus receivers  to connect to and receive Veripos corrections.
•   New dialog for creating a new project. Canceling out of creating a new project is very easy now if the button was pressed by mistake.
•   Logic has been added to prevent a user from creating two instrument profiles with the same name
•   We added better handling of illegal characters used in a project name

A wizard type of workflow has been added so that when you attempt to stake out a point without an instrument setup, in the past you just received a warning message that a setup was required but left you wondering what to do next. We now take you directly to the Instrument Selection screen so that you can choose the instrument you wish to use AND immediately after that we take you to the setup screen so you can select a point to set up on and orient your backsight.

Request a trial version of MapScenes Evidence Recorder 9 today!

Pricing and Availability
MapScenes EVR 9 is available immediately from MapScenes Systems as well as from our authorized resellers and distributors. Prices and additional information regarding EVR 9 can be found at or by calling 1-800-668-3312.