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Evidence Recorder 8 Released
« on: September 20, 2011, 04:20:15 PM »
PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate release

WEST KELOWNA, British Columbia – August 9, 2011

MapScenes Systems, the leading developer of accident scene mapping and reconstruction software, announces the release of Evidence Recorder 8. Evidence Recorder is the world’s best-selling evidence collection software built specifically for the professional reconstructionist.

Evidence Recorder, which uses Windows Mobile / CE devices such as the Archer or Allegro data collector, or ruggedized tablet devices such as the Algiz 7 or Mesa, provides optimal graphical user interface. This means the user can visually verify ongoing field evidence collection – on-the-spot since points and line work is displayed on-screen as they are shot. So, no more missed points! Just tap and shoot for fast and easy collection of measurement data.  Then, data collected can be seamlessly integrated into your desktop mapping software (e.g., MapScenes Forensic CAD).

EVR 8 has a new look and feel – with the same great functionality. The interface has received an overhaul in order to accommodate high resolution devices. These changes also mean the workflow of EVR has been optimized in terms of where functions are on-screen and how to access them.

Another key improvement in EVR 8 is the integration of the EZSurv GNSS data processing data format from OnPOZ Precision Positioning. This format is an excellent GPS tool to have in the RTK toolbox because users can now collect RTK measurements, and at the same time log GNSS data at the reference and rover with the purpose of using this collected GNSS data to perform additional data quality control and assurance tests. With this integration, EVR 8 users can download and process their GNSS data using EZSurv and then see how it compares to their RTK data.  Use this additional tool to verify that your collected data solved correctly thus dramatically minimizing any potential measurement uncertainty or errors.

EVR 8 also features increased GPS base stations IDS, higher-resolution screen displays, more device support than ever, and addition of Galileo and SBAS satellites to the GNSS Satellite plot screen.

Request a trial version of MapScenes Evidence Recorder 8 today!

Pricing and Availability
MapScenes EVR 8 is available immediately from MapScenes Systems as well as from our authorized resellers and distributors. Prices and additional information regarding EVR 8 can be found at or by calling 1-800-668-3312.