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[2009] MapScenes Forensic CAD 2010 Released
« on: September 20, 2011, 04:13:18 PM »

MapScenes Releases Major Upgrade

WESTBANK, BC - A new CAD engine and hundreds of improvements leads to MapScenes Forensic CAD 2010. Professional reconstructionists will find the new versions of the software more powerful, while easier to learn and operate.

Highlighted Features

This version of Forensic CAD 2010 is built on the latest IntelliCAD 6.6 engine.

Performance Enhancements
Performance has been enhanced considerably when using real-time zoom, real-time pan, and saving drawings.

Toolbar and menu icons
The IntelliCAD user interface has been enhanced with new 24-bit icons for all color toolbar icons and menus.

Use polar tracking
Polar tracking is a new tool used to help you draw with precision. When polar tracking is turned on, guides display on the screen automatically at specified polar angle increments.

Check the spelling of text
You can check the spelling of single-line text, multiline text, paragraph text, attributes, attribute definitions, and dimension text. Additional features include loading dictionaries from different sources, including various languages, and adding your own words to a custom dictionary. 

Copy multiple entities
Now it’s easier to copy multiple entities. IntelliCAD defaults to prompting for additional copies of selected entities during the Copy command. 

Work with additional image formats
The number of image formats available for drawings has been expanded. You can include images in the following formats: ECW, JPG 2000, ERS, ALG, HDR, DAT, DOQ, FST, NTF, ASC, DEM, DT0 and DT1, and HDF (including MET, L1R, and L1G). 
More Features 
Layer toolbar
You can now use the Layer toolbar to specify layout-specific layer settings. The Layer toolbar dynamically sizes, making it easier to manage large layer lists or drawings with long layer names. 

Query Angle between Two Lines
Calculates a 3-point inverse to determine the interior or exterior angle between two lines, and displays the angle to you in both decimal degrees and degrees-minutes-seconds.

Layer States
Save and Restore Layer States in your drawing. A layer state contains a snapshot of the state of all layers in your drawing (including: On/Off, Frozen/Thawed, Locked/Unlocked, Color, Linetype, Lineweight) at that point in time, so that when loaded all of these layer settings get restored to the state they were in when that layer state was saved.

If the layer state file is imported into a new drawing, it will automatically create the layers that are missing.

Online Update Notification
MapScenes now includes a "Check for Updates" feature. This new command is available in the Help Menu.

MapScenes is now configured to silently look for updates according to the preferences setup by the user. When an update is available the user will be notified. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

Improved Auto-Add Points to Objects
Now works with Polylines, LWPolylines, and 3DPolylines.

Updated Vehicle Database Browser
Scene Analysis tool contains the most recent vehicle specifications database, including all 1971-2009 models and some 2010 models. 

Side-by-Side Installations
You can now install both MapScenes Forensic CAD 2010 and MapScenes Capture 2010 onto the same computer and they will run independently from one another. Similarly, uninstalling one will not affect the other. Note: your USB Key must be licensed for the appropriate version.

Pricing and Availability

MapScenes Forensic CAD 2010 is available directly from MicroSurvey or through its world-wide network of knowledgeable dealers, many of which have professional reconstructionists on staff. For more information on the new features, demos or a professional consultation, contact MapScenes Systems at 800-668-3312, go to