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[2006] Ontario Provincial Police Select Forensic Mapping Solution
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Westbank, BC – Ontario Provincial Police have awarded MicroSurvey Software the distinction of providing the MapScenes System for the agencies accident and crime scene mapping.  The Provincial Police force has purchased 44 complete mapping systems, with MicroSurvey providing the data collection and desktop mapping software, and Sokkia providing the Total Station Measuring Devices.

With recent advances in forensic science, police and the courts demand the highest level of accuracy and credibility in evidence collection.  The MapScenes System, developed by a firm that has been producing precision mapping software for the past 20 years, is the choice of professional agencies around the world.  Forensic teams in the United States and Canada, along with countries as widespread as Croatia, Chile, Venezuela, and Australia, consider MapScenes the most advanced solution for critical collection of forensic data.

“We were looking for a good data program based on a CAD platform.  MapScenes met all of our requirements. We are very pleased with the professional level of the training offered by MapScenes and we are very pleased with our choice.” stated - Sgt. Mark Wright, Provincial Program Manager, Crash Reconstruction Program, Ontario Provincial Police.

“Developing the MapScenes System has been challenging, and having the OPP choose the system is tremendously gratifying. Once again, when an agency does a thorough examination of a forensic mapping solution, the power of the MapScenes System shines.” said Darcy J. Detlor, President of MicroSurvey Software Inc.  He added, “We continue to improve the system, and this year we will be releasing the most powerful animation system available for the reconstruction of accidents and the presentation of crime scenes.  Stay tuned.”