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[2005] Pennsylvania State Police Conclude Investigation
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Pennsylvania State Police Conclude Investigation:
State Purchases MapScenes System as part of $250,000 Order

Westbank, BC – In the world of forensic mapping, police agencies carry a heavy burden of responsibility as the work they perform, usually under harsh or unfavorable conditions is often subject to intense scrutiny by the courts long after the event occurred.  For this reason, the process of evaluating and selecting a forensic mapping solution should not be taken lightly or without extensive review.

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) recently concluded an in depth investigation of hardware and software solutions for reconstructing accidents. Based on years of experience with CARS members, PSP used the following criteria to select a system:

Critical Accident Reconstruction Specialists must have the assurance that work performed at the scene is built on a solid platform of data integrity.
The solution must use a CAD program to create a forensic map from evidence electronically gathered at the scene by a reliable data collection device.
Advanced forensic mapping features such as distance offset routines and advanced total station communication must be incorporated in to the system.
Evidence gathered at the scene must be easy to collect, undisputable in its accuracy, and transferable without risk of corruption.
The MapScenes System met or exceeded all of the above criteria and was the solution selected by the PSP.  The state has made a statewide commitment to the MapScenes solution as part of a $250,000 state expenditure that includes Leica total stations.  Training for 35 Critical Accident Reconstruction Specialists using the new solution begins January 2006.

Examination of the advanced mapping and drawing functions in The MapScenes System proved it is the forensic mapping leader. MapScenes Pro 2006 provides professional Reconstructionists with data integrity and accuracy combined with advanced drawing features – essential for producing high quality work. Evidence Recorder 3 is not a scaled down CAD program; rather, it is part of a true forensic mapping system that incorporates advanced graphics for accurate scene representation.

During the examination, claims by other vendors were often determined to be misleading and/or unfounded after analysis – only The MapScenes System has the level of integrity that can so often become a critical issue in the judicial process.

Pennsylvania State Police is in good company.

Recently the Minnesota State Patrol Accident Reconstructionists (MSPAR) and Metro Crash Reconstruction Teams were looking to update their desktop software (1) and data collectors (2) for its 50 reconstructionists.  After a careful review process, they selected MapScenes 2006 and the MicroSurvey Tracker with Evidence Recorder 3.0
The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) reached a similar conclusion when they set a priority to update their desktop software (3) and data collectors (4) for all members of its Major Crash Investigation Unit.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol selected MapScenes 2006 and the MicroSurvey Tracker with Evidence Recorder 3.0
These three large and busy state agencies all have something in common; they demand professional programs to accomplish professional work. In addition to these examples, State Troopers in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Maine, Alabama, Arizona, and Illinois have also moved up to MicroSurvey’s most recent versions of MapScenes and Evidence Recorder.

Look for our next newsletter coming soon. MapScenes is on the scene for an in-depth case study with the Ontario Provincial Police.