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[2005] MapScenes Releases Major Upgrades to Flagship Products
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MapScenes Releases Major Upgrades To Its Flagship Products

WESTBANK, BC - Crash and crime scene evidence collection and office software forensic mapping solutions.

Thousands of hours of development combined with feedback from hundreds of users resulted in a completely new interface for both Evidence Recorder 3.0 and MapScenes 2006. Professional reconstructionists will find the new versions of the software more powerful, while easier to learn and operate.

According to Darcy Detlor, president of MicroSurvey, "Our Teams have been working on the upgrades for several years. We watched the technology used in the industry improve and we listened to our customers. The most exciting thing about the new versions is how well they work together - without a doubt, combined, MapScenes 2006 and Evidence Recorder 3.0 is the most integrated and powerful system on the market today."

MapScenes 2006 has many new features including: the most powerful drawing engine in use by any forensic drawing solution (IntelliCAD 6.1 CAD engine and DWG file format); 100 training movies and comprehensive help files; powerful customization tools for symbols and vehicle specifications; IntelliCAD Explorer - a way to easily manage key drawing attributes from one window; and enhanced animation and reporting tools.

Evidence Recorder 3.0 is the #1 scene collection solution designed exclusively for Reconstructionists. Its features include: real-time graphical visualization and verification of the scene drawing while at the scene; seamless integration with MapScenes desktop software; protection against loss of critical data from power interruption; and industry standard DXF file format & TDS Raw Format. Evidence Recorder 3.0 supports more total stations than other purpose-built evidence collection solutions.

Pricing and Availability

Evidence Recorder 3.0 and MapScenes 2006 are available only through its world-wide network of knowledgeable dealers, many of which have professional reconstructionists on staff. For more information on the new features, demos or a professional consultation, contact MapScenes Systems at 800-668-3312, go to