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MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013 Released
« on: August 06, 2013, 01:01:32 PM »
PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013
WEST KELOWNA, British Columbia – August 6, 2013

MapScenes Systems, the leading developer of accident scene mapping and reconstruction software, announces the 2013 release of MapScenes Forensic CAD – a full-featured desktop mapping tool used by forensic investigators and accident scene reconstructionists.

New capabilities include:
  • The MapScenes product family has been streamlined by consolidating our Forensic CAD, Capture, and PointCloud applications into one single product
  • New presentation tools like viewing georeferenced points in Google Maps or exporting georeferenced scenes to Google Earth
  • New productivity tools that will simplify common tasks that our users perform every day; like converting their drawings between different units, or cloning vehicle symbols onto key points with different positions and orientations
  • Support for the new Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation including full support for digitizing scenes directly within high-definition scans

Along-side this update MapScenes has also released two add-on modules; an animation module for compelling animated reenactments, and a point cloud module for extrapolating data and animating within point clouds. The release of Forensic CAD 2013 along with these modules signifies the discontinuation of the stand-alone products "MapScenes Capture" and "MapScenes PointCloud"

Pricing and Availability
Pricing of all MapScenes products have received extensive revisions, nearly all of which trend downwards, making MapScenes the most competitively-priced forensic mapping software on the market today. MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013 is available immediately from MapScenes Systems as well as our authorized resellers and distributors. Prices and additional information regarding MapScenes products can be found at

About MapScenes Systems and MicroSurvey Software Inc.
The MapScenes System (consisting of Evidence Recorder and Forensic CAD with powerful animation and point cloud add-on modules) is manufactured by MicroSurvey Software Inc.; experts in data collection and diagramming for over 25 years. MicroSurvey produces the most advanced crime scene and accident reconstruction mapping software systems in the industry.

Sales contact: Michael Bachinski, MapScenes Business Development Manager ([email protected])

Media contact: Jareb Coupe, Director of Marketing
([email protected])

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