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Steve McKinzie and his staff of ACTAR accredited Reconstructionists offer a 40-hour ACTAR accredited training course in Forensic Mapping, utilizing total stations, evidence recorders and MapScenes PRO software. Transitional courses are available, as well as Advanced Mapping courses. The McKinzie Group has over 100 years of combined Law Enforcement experience. Steve is an Authorized Forensic Mapping Instructor and a Specialty Dealer for Sokkia Corporation strictly for Law Enforcement agencies.

Now retired from the Kansas Highway Patrol, Steve created and coordinated the State Accident Reconstruction Program and the Patrol's Critical Highway Accident Response Teams. For twelve years prior to his retirement, he taught at the Kansas Highway Patrol Academy and around the country. In 2002 Steve instructed Law Enforcement Officers in Australia and New Zealand. President of McKinzie & Associates, Steve is an active Reconstructionist, specializing in Commercial Vehicle Collision Reconstruction and Forensic Mapping.
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John Ruller is the Director of Road Accident Investigation Service Pty Ltd based in Brisbane, Australia, and has partnered with McKinzie and Associates, LLC / CSI Mapping for the past 12 years.

Prior to 2005 John was the Senior Collision Analyst in the Queensland Police Service and was the first in Australia to gain ACTAR Accreditation (#213).

John has been heavily involved in the field of Crash Reconstruction in the South Pacific since 1990. John has developed a forensic mapping program which is presently taught to law enforcement officers in the State of Queensland. This program is presented in association with CSI Mapping. John has also developed other training packages which have been presented in New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, South Africa, England and India. John is still actively involved as a Reconstructionist in the South Pacific and Asia.
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Kris Keberlein is a full-time reconstructionist for McKinzie & Associates as well as a training instructor in Forensic Mapping. Kris brings wisdom and knowledge to our team through his experience as a Kansas Highway Patrol, Technical Trooper, with the Critical Highway Accident Response Team. Kris has been an expert witness on many cases and has accumulated extensive training in various areas that expand his expertise. Kris has been the primary instructor at the KHP Training Academy, various mid-west police departments, and an associate instructor for post-blast/arson forensic mapping for the ATF National Response Team.
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