MapScenes Systems, from MicroSurvey Software Inc., revolutionizes and sets the standards in the reconstruction industry, inspired by an uncompromising commitment to integrity, quality, leading-edge technology, support, and value. We began in the land surveying industry, where “close enough” is just not good enough. The industry demands precision; any variance, no matter how small, is unacceptable. Approximate representation of data – a sketch – is not tolerated. Only absolute accuracy is accepted by land surveying professionals.

Since its first software sale in 1985, and incorporation in 1986 as MicroSurvey Marketing International Inc., MicroSurvey has expanded its market presence, and today supplies survey software solutions around the world.

MapScenes Systems – The Industry's Cornerstone

In 1998, MicroSurvey recognized that the same unrelenting demand for precision existed in certain areas of forensic mapping and accident reconstruction.

From the inception of MapScenes Systems (long before the creation of our first forensic tools) our thinking was steeped with an unwavering commitment to, even obsession for, precision. Just as DNA uniquely identifies a person, perfect precision distinguishes our products from all others.

In June of 2000, MicroSurvey introduced the MapScenes software. MapScenes (having evolved into the current Pro version) is a crash and crime scene mapping program that produces scaled diagrams for use in court, creating a strong visual case for the prosecution or defense.

Traditional methods of collecting and analyzing physical forensic evidence where changed forever with the introduction of Evidence Recorder in 2001. It was the first system designed to take advantage of the larger screen available in Windows CE units. Evidence Recorder allows the user to make accurate maps or diagrams of forensic scenes as the data is collected and is designed for seamless integration with the MapScenes desktop software.

In 2004, once again taking the lead, MapScenes introduced the evidence collector MicroSurvey Tracker, the only Windows CE hardware specifically built for the demands of professional reconstructionists.

Knowing that there's no value in having power you can't use, in 2006 MapScenes once again proved to be the industry leading innovator by introducing the Course Training Standard. The CTS is a comprehensive framework to enable expert trainers to transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to MapScenes power users in the shortest possible time with the highest levels of retention and competency.

Pedigree of Precision

What's in a pedigree? A pedigree tells you about the origin and the history of something. It tells you how to distinguish something from other things that seem to be same, but are not. A pedigree is a record of the purity of a breed.

Sometimes a pedigree is something to celebrate. Sometimes it's not. We think our pedigree is important to crime scene and accident reconstruction. As a result, pardon us for boasting just a little about what some have called our “pedigree for precision”.

Reliability. Results. Reputation.

MapScenes recognizes that many reconstruction scenarios present zero tolerance for approximation. With that in mind, our dedication to the reconstruction professional and a successful outcome is providing the tools for precision with absolute accuracy in data collection, analysis, and representation for a compelling presentation of findings.

Award Winning Foundation

In both 2001 & 2002 MicroSurvey was among the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada in Profit magazine's annual listing. In 2001 MicroSurvey was ranked 32nd fastest-growing technology company in Canada by Profit magazine, after having been recognized in both the Fast 50 in Canada and the Fast 500 in North America by Deloitte and Touche.

MapScenes Systems continues to stay true to our uncompromising standard of precision by committing to being not only the leader, but the innovator in the reconstruction industry.

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