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Leica IMS Map360 and IMS Evidence Recorder are developed
by MicroSurvey Software partnered with Leica Geosystems

When you are looking for the best accident reconstruction software, you need to look at MapScenes.
The MapScenes System is designed to provide professional investigators with the tools to capture data quickly and precisely at a scene, and then visually communicate the output of their investigation in accurate and compelling diagrams that will hold up under the highest scrutiny.

. The industry's #1 evidence collection software, MapScenes Evidence Recorder
. The best forensic data collection hardware, by Handheld and Juniper
. The most powerful forensic mapping software, MapScenes Forensic CAD
bullet The most productive add-on options:
      • Animated scenes and viewpoints with the forensic animation module
      • Extrapolate data and animate from point cloud data with the point cloud module
. Bundled with the industry's only certified training

Whether you require one element or the entire system, MapScenes is the cornerstone for your investigation.

Our uncompromising commitment to precision means that you don't need to compromise, either. Our pedigree of accuracy includes the technological tools you need to deliver results with confidence and conviction.

The power you need, when it's all on the line. Let's talk about how you can achieve an unparalleled level of precision. It's a lot easier than you may think.